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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 24, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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if you delete -- a city leader was cited four drunk driving and where folks are finding inspiration on on christmas eve. >> welcome to bay area news at 7:00 p.m. industry tonight in the east bay after a body washed ashore from san francisco bay. the watchers spotted the body early this afternoon. it washed up just below the high tide mark at point isabel. park police tell us the body is badly decomposed that they believe it is that of a man. so far there is no way to
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identify the person or how the person died. >> i don't think that this is something based on the condition the body that happened at the start of the year. they're concerned about their site -- they are concerned about their safety, that should not be an issue. >> authorities say there will be an autopsy on monday. oakland police are also working to identify a body tonight. and woman's nude body was found this morning. it was found on skyline boulevard in oakland hills. this is a homicide. there is no obvious cause of death. the victim was a white woman in her 40s. police believe she died elsewhere and her body was dumped. but councilman ignacia de la fuente was tightlipped today about his arrest on suspicion of drunk driving. >> its investigation going on and a report will be issued. and that's will make a comment
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based on that. i've been advised by my attorneys not to say anything else. >> the california highway patrol says he was alone one officer pulled him over in his 2006 buick at about 7:30 p.m. the councilman was speeding and made an unsafe lane change on eastbound interstate 580. >> the officer stopped and contacted him based upon his training and experiment. -- experience. they ran him through a series of tests. >> they said he later submitted blood test and he was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence and given a temporary driver's license until his case is heard. highway patrol is reminding motorist officers will be out in force looking for drunk drivers. the enforcement time goes
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through sunday night. they are urging people to buckle up and to use a designated driver. for most people this day before christmas is timed off with family or a chance to run some last minute errands. roads around the bay area have been mostly traffic free. this is a live look at interstate 80. typically it's a bottleneck but as you see tonight it's not too bad. pope benedict celebrated christmas eve mass at the vatican before hundreds of worshipers. there was no disruption of the service as in the past when the same mentally ill woman lunged at the pope two years in a row. security was also stepped up dude -- you do to package bombs in rome. the traditional birthplace of jesus in bethel and there was a marching band. israeli officials said it's the largest turnout in 10 years.
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there was 90,000 visitors expected during the christmas holiday. not everybody was at the mall or running errands today. in san francisco the -- at the san francisco cathedral we found people in a reflective mood. >>reporter: the atmosphere here was very different from all thoughts about the many other gifts of the season. the sun was shining like a christmas store today. at grace cathedral people came to walk in circles. >> it gives you time to think and that's what i like about it the most. >> at the prayer labyrinth people slowed their steps for a walking meditation. >> we were going around in circles. i like being quiet. >>reporter: and on this date many prayers and thoughts went to friends and family.
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>> i was thinking about my friends and what they say to me sometimes. it makes me feel bad and i was thinking about trying to be a better friend to them. >> some thoughts are with loved ones who have passed on. >> i started to come here last year when my mom was in the hospital. today is her birthday. she didn't make it. so i thought i would come over here and honor her memory. >>reporter: one family just wanted to come. >> we try to live in the moment. it's not the days we were members but the moment. >>reporter: in churches, homes and community centers people are gathering together -- gathering together. others are praying and others are gathering four fellowship. and while the economy has hit some family hard this couple is still counting their blessings. >> i'm just grateful for my
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family. for this little guy here and this person here. i'm just happy. >> strangers today passing along the same old winding path. they are reflecting on the deeper meaning of the spirit of the season. in san francisco. ♪ [ music ] thousands of american troops are spending christmas in the war zone. at camp phoenix in kabul many say it can be lonely but they say they get comfort from their faith and from each other. >> it's an honor to serve my country. but it's also a no i hate to miss my family. so it is 50/50. >> the holiday dinner also help spread there are currently
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about 98,000 us military personnel stationed in afghanistan. a line wrapped around the building today. latino families stocked up for their christmas dinner. the restaurant sold 15,000 tamales yesterday. workers estimate that they sold more today. some customers bought three or four dozen tamales. one customer said he has been coming here for christmas and he was a small child. you can add those insulated beverage containers to the list of items now being subjected to extra scrutiny at the airport. the transportation security administration says that the insulating thermos containers that might be used to hide explosives. but the tsa says there is no specific terror threat involving the beverage container. if your travel plans are taking you to the airport there are a few problems to report. that could change this weekend. delta air lines has posted advisories that there is or where christmas storm in the
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southeast could lead to major delays from its atlanta hub tomorrow. you can check on your flights by clicking on the holiday travel tab on our website. we also have a live traffic center monitoring the roads. the federal aviation authority is investigating a pilot. as ken reports the tsa is looking at whether the pilot revealed sensitive information. >>reporter: he is get the airline he works for and his identity a secret. he shot the video ended video that we posted. >> you can see airport security is kind of a farce. it's mirrors. >>reporter: the pilot contends that flight crews are screened by the tsa but not the cruise as fuel, clean and resupply aircraft. >> how effective is security when everybody on board is screened and everybody on the
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ground isn't. >> he shows ground crews coming and going in a secure area. >> >>reporter: the videos were removed from youtube and the pilot who was authorized by the tsa to carry a gun on board, said this video shows federal agents at his own confiscating his gun after he exposed what he calls a security lapse. passengers we talked to were mixed about the pilot actions. >> i think you should expose them too. >> i don't think he knows the whole system and i think he should talk to the security people at the airport. because if he did i think he would have more confidence. >>reporter: the tsa released a statement saying that they are confident in the security here at the airport. it did not address the pilots concerned about security. that pilot is still employed. this is ken pritchard. >> the stores will be closing soon as the clock ticks down on
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the deadline to get those final holiday gifts. >> im getting shirts and addresses and stuff. >> that young shopper told us he waited until today so they could find a better selection and sales. nationwide holiday spending is up 3 percent from last year. rain is forecast to return to the bay area on christmas day. but today the sun is shining and it -- and it enables people to do their shopping. the acting governor proclaimed a state of emergency in sending the -- in san diego. 11 counties are now under a state of emergency. it allows emergency personnel to assist with storm related hazards and clean it. in lake tahoe the air calling it the best christmas in decades. right now the snow pack is 219 percent of average. they say they received 25 feet
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of snow so far this season. the memorial has seen 28 feet of snow. it's the most they've seen during november and december in 30 years. the holiday repeat on a mac. wines from your violations go up starting january 3. the increase took effect back in december but oakland's decided to delay collecting the fee. the average fine vocal of $258. the extra money goes to a state trial court found. up next. i christmas eve house fire. plus, that sewage spill. it's bigger than it was first thought. >> and rain is back in the forecast on lightning fast. lightning strong.
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christmas day. a man had to grab his two dogs and get out. the house was fully engulfed in flames. two men live in the home but one of them spent the holiday at lake tahoe. the mac at home was not injured. a woman is under arrest in the death of a man whose body was found on highway 101 early wednesday. they say ruby martinez was driving her truck with her friend. investigators say he fell out and may have been hit by another vehicle before he died. they said martinez knew that her friend had fallen but did
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not go back to hell. and later tried to cover up the incident. she faces manslaughter, dui and other charges. the price of gas has climbed about $3 a gallon for the first time in more than two years. california continues to have the highest gas prices in the us. the average price for regular gasoline is $3.30 in oakland. $3.31 in san jose. that's about 40 cents more than a year ago. authorities credit the rising price of crude oil. sewage released from a series of pipeline breaks and overflow and officials say as much as 3 million gallons poured into the creek in the past week. >>reporter: there's a bit of [ indiscernible ]. it's just not easy to get around.
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2 out of three interested are blocked. >> this is tricky. >>reporter: some businesses are suffering. >> i just hope that this is not here for long. >>reporter: down magnolia avenue a smaller line down the street. there are marchers trying to keep traffic moving. this is the result of several breaks in the system. the underground sewer pipes are old. the district has an ongoing multi- dollar million pipe replacement. officials say that this pipe was the cause of vandals. >> im devastated by the current state of affairs. i've had people concerned about
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their drinking water. i've had somebody ask me that yesterday. i don't know what to think. speak there's no indication that drinking water in the area is affected by this bill. the general manager told us there is little help danger from the spill. the grand jury issued a critical report of the sanitary district maintenance and systems update about five years ago. since then the board of directors and management has changed. they are playing catchup. this is channel 2 news. >> san francisco is about to enact tough new local hiring ordinance. contractors working on city projects will be required to hire 20 percent of the workforce from san francisco. and that increases to 50 percent in seven years. the measure will go into effect admixture. officials in neighboring san mateo county said the ordinance will be a drag on the region's economy. organizers say the
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centerpiece of a historic park should open next year. the national park opened on the waterfront more than 10 years ago. there is no visitor center at the site. the national park service tells that it will now [ indiscernible ] it is slated to open as soon as next fall. scores of homeless and hungry december this goes were treated to prime rib today. the church served its annual christmas evening meal to 3000 people. the church is also preparing for tomorrow when it expects to serve 5000 meals. >> we are running a tight rope. we're trying to make sure that we make it.
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>> donations are down 15 percent and the demand has increased 30 percent. as david reports of the historic pub is the main hub for people dropping off donations for the san francisco firefighter toy drive. >>reporter: drivers opened up their cars and rolled down her window to drop off thousands of toys today. >> we wanted to start a new family tradition in our house. we want to teach her son to give it to be grateful for what we have. >>reporter: the toy drive included [ indiscernible ] and they made 40 trips to pick up toys for free. even the department of homeland security got into the giving spirit. the goal is to collect as many as 10,000 toys by 1:00 a.m.
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>> the last two weeks have been wonderful. >>reporter: john and hiredby listingg all those two weeks ago is getting credit for this year's big toy turnout. >> after 30 years of santa and giving out toys it is so wonderful to be sitting here and getting toys. >>reporter: firefighters are expected to give away 10,000 last-minute gifts. most of these toys are meant to be warehoused for the 2011 toy giveaway. >> these are rc toys for next year. it's kind of like guarantees at the beginning of the next year that we have something ready to go. >> the toys can be dropped off her all the way until last call. or at any san francisco firehouse. this is david stephenson. how did a barking dog save
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christmas. the story is coming up next. but first bill martin's forecast for the holiday weekend. don't
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miss it. >> construction workers are getting into the holiday spirit they deck the new tower with a
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red and green lights. this holiday display is a bit taller than your typical christmas tree. let's check in with bill to find out about the all- important christmas forecast period. >> the clouds are increasing. that's why we're not sweating it too much but it's going to be wet tomorrow. we have a computer model of care in a minute. and then they will spread slightly south and east. the big hit tomorrow will be 10:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. that's when we'll have the most wind and rain. i don't think the showers will start until well after midnight. the system rolls through. there will be a wind advisory tomorrow. because the front and its unlike the last one.
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there's a lot of moisture streaming off the pacific. and with that you will get the strong winds. you can see at lining offshore. you can see that there is that type to funnel. the whit tight like that you get a stronger wind. so when i come in close now, there is saturday morning. it goes right on through. that thing is to hear. there will be some wind and heavy rain. there will be a lot of snow in the mountains. you're going to have a change by three or 4:00. and maybe even a winter storm warning. strong south wind offshore. it stays in effect tomorrow. showers will linger into the afternoon. and here is sunday we will see the back edge of this thing. sunday is your better day of
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the weekend. snow level is about 5000 feet. snow levels are down around 5000 feet, so you will find snow at the blue canyon. sunday starts out kind to wet and then it tapers down. tomorrow is a wet day. traveling tomorrow is not the best. you want to go to the mound and then look forward to the afternoon will be kind of dicey. on sunday afternoon it will be okay to travel. monday, tuesday and wednesday there will be some blog. looks like we will stay dry during that time. we leave you tonight with a story out of san jose and you can feel good about it. firefighters say it was 3:42 a.m. when a barking dog awakened folks at home on purple clip court. they noticed flames coming from
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their neighbors garage. firefighters were called and they kept the blaze from spreading. the owner had been visiting family. she rushed back to find her home still standing. firefighters said that the woman said thank god. we will now have a merry christmas. and hopefully that barking dog will get an extra biscuits in his stocking. our coverage continues online at matt lightning fast. lightning strong.
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